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Incredible pitching duel!!

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  • Incredible pitching duel!!

    Those of us who are watching the DR-Cuba game must be delighted by the exhibition of pitching and defense shown... Cuba had outhit DR 6-3 coming into the 6th inning... They almost come out of it unscratched, but a throwing error by Gourriel in the possible final out of the inning leads to the 1-0 dominican lead...

    This ain't over yet (even though I hope it ends that way, or at least with a dominican victory)

    This is exciting... Those of you not seeing the game, are losing a great great matchup
    Licey campeón today and always!

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    New ball game 1x1. I have been watching since the 4th. Great game!


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      Arriba Las Tunas Magicians Osmany Urrutia!


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        cuba's done all the small things... move the runners, play smart defense (like that play throwing out the runner at home instead of giving up the run), and hit the key hits...

        now their winning 3-1

        no doubts left about their level of play... if they finally win, i'll be rooting for them in the finals, so the trophy stays in the caribbean and in latin america (politics outside)...

        its been a great game an a great tourney anyways, and being in the top 4 of the world aint bad, i'd say (if they were medals, maybe bronze?)

        i havent given up yet, but its getting harder...
        Licey campeón today and always!


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          Thanks, Licey. I will be rooting for whoever wins today too.

          I let you know if I go to Punta Cana in August. I want Dominican food.


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            Gourriel made the error and since then, is getting payback... he singled again... h

            This is getting ugly for the dominican... Now comes our closer... let's see if he can stop the bleeding...
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            Licey campeón today and always!


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              Uff! What a relief effor by Rodney... Now we have to get our offense going (I hope they take Lazo out, he's killing us!!)

              3-1 in the bot of the 8th... cuba ahead
              Licey campeón today and always!


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                Well... Lazo and Marti have been in cruise control today... Only one chance left for the dominican
                Licey campeón today and always!


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                  Congrats to all cuban fans (especially cuba 100%)

                  Great ballgame!!! Great team... The best one won... Hope you go all the way now... Let's show the world what latin baseball's all about
                  Licey campeón today and always!


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                    Such a pity!


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                      The sad thing is that many of the Cuban veteran players would not make it to the big leagues if they defect now. No team would invest much in old players. The young ones will have a better chance. But there is always an adjustment period for them.

                      Thanks Licey Fan!


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                        Cuba has shown me that they play baseball at the highest level. I must apologize to Cubano100%. I was wrong and he was right.

                        Go Cuba!
                        Strikeouts are boring! Besides that, they're fascist. Throw some ground balls - it's more democratic.-Crash Davis


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                          I forgive you Honus. The American people can not go to Cuba nor the Cuban players can come freely so it is hard for someone to see we can play some ball down there.

                          Remember, many defectors have come past their primes and all of them need time to adjust to the USA. MLB is the highest level because you have the best players from around the world playing except Cubans, Japanese and Koreans.

                          Have you seen Mr. Davemport lately? He is the one writing about that in Cuba we play A ball only.

                          Yuly Gourriel almost threw it away for us today though.

                          Have you check Mr. Kendry Morales stats? He is doing great but the Angels are still thinking sending him to AAA.


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                            The Dominicans had averaged six runs per game in the Classic, but against the Cuban pitching all they could muster was one unearned run. It was a truly impressive performance. "It's a terrific pitching staff," Dominican manager Manny Acta said. "I can see why Cuba dominated the international competition. Their pitching is legit. They can throw guys out there every single day that can pitch in the big leagues. Their pitching is legit, and that's why they beat us."

                            In 18 innings, the Dominicans hitters only managed to score 4 earned runs against Cuban pitching.

                            Pitching and defense wins championships. Cuba has not defended that well though!


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                              ¡ Felicitaciones !

                              Congratulations to both Cuba and Dominicana . This final game between Caribbean teams have show all the world what our baseball is about . A real thriller . And the way that Lazo and Rodney pitched those two last innings looked like they could throw no hitter ball for ten more innings ! Wow ! My congratulations to Cubano , Licey , Agente , Fermín , ElPedro , and all our caribeños brothers in BBF . And now lets get ready to cheer for the team that will be representing our region :Cuba . The first complete World Champion ! ¡ Felicidades !


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