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Japan beats korea - who will win the finals

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  • Japan beats korea - who will win the finals

    Japan thrashed korea in a 6-0 classic.

    The finals wud be Japan vs Cuba. Time to guess the winner!!

    i'll start. i go for japan

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    Japan has a good chance to win... hopefully Japanese television will not cut the game off again in the 9th inning to show ladies' golf :grouchy
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      TV ratings for Japan's WBC semifinal hits out-of-ballpark high

      Viewer ratings for Sunday's live World Baseball Classic semifinal between Japan and South Korea averaged 36.2 percent in the Kanto region, ratings firm Video Research announced.

      Viewer ratings peaked at 50.3 percent, just after the end of the game. The average ratings for the Kansai region were 35 percent.

      The ratings were the highest for a live sports broadcast since June 2005, when Japan played North Korea to qualify for the soccer World Cup. That game reached 43.4 percent in the Kanto region.

      Japanese figure skater Shizuka Arakawa's gold medal-winning performance at the Turin Winter Olympics achieved ratings of 31.8 percent.

      The World Baseball Classic final, between Japan and Cuba, will be broadcast on Nippon Television Network from 10:45 a.m. on Tuesday. (Mainichi)

      March 20, 2006


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        What time is the game?

        I want to see if I can pick it up here. I don't have TV listings for Japan, but I do get baseball on one of the stations; I'm hoping they will show it.
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