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Kapler to play in Japan

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  • Kapler to play in Japan

    Although I'm disappointed he'll be leaving, I'm happy for him. Here's the link

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    Yep, sorry to see him go, but I'm happy that he will get the playing time he wants, and I actually think he will do well over there, considering his work ethic and fitness routine. Go figure, he helps the Sox in a big way, then goes to play for the Japanese version of the Yankees.

    On a semi-related note, does anyone know if they still have those torturous, marathon practice sessions in Japan? I always thought playing in Japan sounded cool, until I read "You Gotta Have Wa".
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      I'll miss him...a great utility player! (and nice to have a good arm in the field!)
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        Originally posted by pesky6
        Although I'm disappointed he'll be leaving, I'm happy for him. Here's the link
        To be honest though Pesky... and i think you might agree... He'll be back... i think personally he knows that he want get much playing time with Nixon back and heathly, Manny.. well its Manny and Damon... be one of our leaders. I'm sure he feels like he needs to play and continue to get better and coming of the bench late in the game and also get the start for 20-30 games a year isn't worth it... He probably thought to himself... well i love Boston and the red sox... I can't see myself playing for any other ML team right now.. after the year hes just had so I'll go to Japan.. anpther very good baseball league and spend some time over there being a star.. then in a few years or two... when Trot is on his last legs.. I can come back and then theres my spot on the team... Don't know what you think and yes i know its all my personally opinion. However its one i'd hope to be correct.... anyway thought i'd just throw that out there....
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          Gabe in Japan

          He'll do well over there...and will probably return to the league
          in an few years..We loved him in Detroit, and his potential
          was great..but we stupidly gave him away to Texas in that
          horrible deal for Juan Gone...But Gabe's career never seem to
          quite recovered from leaving the Tigers..drifting from Texas,
          to the Rockies..and to the RedSox..he could have been a good
          player if Boston would have found more starts for him..


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            Guess he didn't want to go.


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              Originally posted by -Kyle-
              Guess he didn't want to go.
              Um, he was there and had a rotten year in 2005 for the Yomiuri Giants, who released him. He then returned to the US.


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