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Russian National Team Stats

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  • titorondon
    I have the Soviet Union from the 1991 Intercontinental World Cup in Barcelona (actually Hospitalet and Viladecans). But my scanner is down. Write me at my email and I will send you that eventually, if you want it.

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  • WorldBaseballFan
    started a topic Russian National Team Stats

    Russian National Team Stats

    Does anyone have a good website to learn more about the historic Russian National Teams, such as the one from the Goodwill Games or the earlier Euorpean Championships?

    Baseball-Reference gives you how they finished and some rosters, but no real stats. Sometimes they list the batting average. The Russian National Baseball Site, (a great site, btw) gives the stats for players on their current roster, but no real historical stats.

    Does anyone know a resource with this information? Or at least more information on the European Championships than what already exists?

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