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All-Time Panamanian Baseball Team

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  • All-Time Panamanian Baseball Team

    About a year ago, I posted that I was interested in an all-time World Baseball Classic. I abandoned the idea because it was too hard to normalize the data across major leaguers, minor leaguers, international tournaments, Japan, Negro Leagues, etc. But in that process, I put together a few all-time teams for various countries. I thought I would post a few of those teams to start some debate.

    While, I gave preference to players who made the major leagues, I also looked at players who were successful in Japan, Mexican annd Negro leagues, or played for a number of years for a country's National Team.

    Here is what I have for Panama. Would love some thoughts. Who was excluded, who should be removed, etc.

    Let the debate began. If anyone is interested, I will post more teams for different countries.

    1B Carlos Lee
    2B Rod Carew
    3B Clyde Parris
    SS Frank Austin
    C Manny Sanguillen
    RF Ben Oglivie
    CF Roberto Kelly
    LF Omar Moreno


    1) Leon Kellman INF
    2) Carlos Ruiz C
    3) Hector Lopez INF/OF
    4) Rennie Stennett INF
    5) Adolpho Phillips OF
    6) Fernando Seguino 1B/OF


    1) Humberto Robinson
    2) Clarke Webbo
    3) Fernando Osorio
    4) Andres Alonso
    5) Ramiro Mendoza
    6) Juan Berenguer
    7) Manny Acosta
    8) Pat Scantlebury
    9) Mariano Rivera
    10) Len Picota

    2nd Team

    1B Olmedo Seanez
    2B Ruben Tejada
    SS Chico Salmon
    3B Jose Macias
    C Einar Diaz
    RF Julio Zuleta
    CF Ivan Murrell
    LF Sherman Obando


    1) Len Picota
    2) Elpido Pinto
    3) Manny Corpas

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    Me too. I love baseball, and I love baseball being played all over the world. So [I] encourage you to keep this up.
    About Panama: you are remarkably well informed, so much so that any mistakes seem product of oversight not lack of knowledge. Picota's double appearance reinforces this theory.
    I agree that MLB is the standard to which we all should adhere. So comparisons should be on a "horizontal" line: 30s with 30s (Negro Leagues), 2000s with 2000s etc.
    So the top starter is Bruce Chen.
    Also, Oscar Levy should figure in the top starters list. Hector Lopez should not be on the bench. Manny Acosta is one of the relievers. Randall Delgado is coming on strong. Fernando Osorio is better known as Alberto "Mamabila" Osorio, and Webbo is better known in Panama by his first name, Vibert. Olmedo is Saenz. Also, second team players should include David Roberts, Ozzie Chavarria, Monchin Webster. Bobby Prescott, Archie Brathwaite, Ule Mahoney, Eduardo Acosta. Carlos Maldonado, Enrique Burgos, both Gil Garridos...


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      Good work. However, you should have Omar Moreno in CF, not Roberto Kelly. Kelly was an okay outfielder- Moreno was a real vacuum cleaner in CF- he had everything but an arm.


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        In Latin countries they say "el que batea, juega". If you hit, you play...


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