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Shohei Otani: Japan on the Major Leagues?

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  • Shohei Otani: Japan on the Major Leagues?

    Shohei Otani, an 18 year Japanese pitching prospect, wants to play baseball in the US. He was drafted by an NPB team. But he still says he wants to play in the US. I wonder how this will play out?

    Japanese high school pitcher Shohei Otani says he will stick to his plan of joining a team in Major League Baseball despite being selected in the first round of Japanese baseball's amateur draft.
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    Japan revisits rules after schoolboy sensation eyes MLB

    Japanese baseball could lift the 'Tazawa Rule' that places restrictions on prospects who begin their professional careers abroad following schoolboy Shohei Otani's decision to pursue his dream of playing Major League Baseball.

    The high school pitching sensation triggered a potential bidding war among MLB clubs last week when he resolved to go abroad, which also sent shockwaves through the Japanese game.

    Nippon Professional Baseball's 12 teams were now searching for alternatives to a rule designed to stop players jumping directly overseas, local media reported on Oct. 28.

    Currently, players who go abroad straight from high school are ineligible for three years after their return. Corporate or university players are banned for two years upon return.

    The rule came into effect in 2010 after corporate league pitcher Junichi Tazawa skipped the draft to sign with the Boston Red Sox.

    Otani's decision, which alerted the Red Sox and New York Yankees among other North American clubs, was complicated further when he was selected by the Nippon Ham Fighters in the first round of Japan's draft a few days later.

    Otani said of being drafted by the Fighters: "I was honestly shocked and a bit flustered by it. I haven't changed my feelings (about playing in MLB).


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      double post


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        This kid is 18 years old and throws 100 mph? :disbelief:

        Not only that, looking at his photo in the link Honus provided, his physique looks like it has not even filled out yet. He still looks like an awkward lanky teenager. If so, there is potential for more velocity! :hyper:

        They should send the kid to the MLB before the militaristic Japanese coaches ruin him with 150 per game pitch counts.


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          I think they kid should go to MLB minor league system. It will be hard for him though. I remember when another industrial league pitcher left to MLB before NPB. Forgot his name Tazawa I think. I think he is in the red sox bullpen now.

          Depends on how the kid responds to the changes in MLB. I honestly dont get excited for japanese pitchers going into MLB anymore. I feel they get hyped up so much that when they get there they usually dont live up. Yu Darvish had a great season but he needs to continue that. Matsuzaka had a great first year then been very downhill. Uehara and Kei Igawa didnt do very well especially Igawa.

          Kuroda for the yankees is doing okay. But I wont let the hype get to me anymore. I remember living in Japan during Yuki Saito's Koshien appearance. And he was suppose to be the next matsuzaka. I dont think he has had a legendary career in NPB. If I am wrong correct me.


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