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    I am curious to learn if anyone has any information regarding the KBO as to how it compares to MLB, MiLB, and/or college baseball in the USA. I have found that the league site is offered in Korean only, which I am not able to read. As a Dodgers fan, I would like to know more about Hyun-Jin Ryu, the lefty pitcher they have just paid $25.7 million in order to have a 30-day negotiation period with him. Obviously, KBO has had WBC success, but I would like to hear opinions on whether or not Ryu has the chance to succeed in pro ball in the USA.

    Thank you for any info/opinion.
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    Clay Davenport rated the league to be AA level. He did not give the example multiplier (MLB=1.00 NPB=0.91, AAA=0.86, AA=0.80, LMB=0.78).


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      I believe the KBO operates with a Salary Cap too? Which is pretty low so players earn around $100k on average.

      You can also use this Youtube channel to watch highlights and sometimes live games from the KBO -


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        Thanks for the heads up on the youtube channel Gareth!
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          Korean Pro sports to beef up English websites

          Excerpt from a Korea Times article...

          The government will have key pro sports organizations create or strengthen websites in English next year, while pushing for an online portal for all pro sports.

          “English websites for all major sports will be created next year,” Kim Chong, vice minister of culture, sports and tourism, said in a recent interview.

          His commitment means foreign fans will have an easier time tracking pro baseball when the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) creates an English website.

          Despite its huge popularity and a significant presence of foreign players, the KBO doesn’t have an English website.

          “There is definitely a need for an English service. The international interest in Korean professional sports is growing and teams are acquiring more high-profile athletes from other countries,” Kim said.

          The KBO doesn’t even have an English website. International fans of Korean baseball have instead relied on websites like, created by U.S.-based super fan Dan Kurtz.
          Read the whole article here:


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            Originally posted by brewcrew82 View Post
            Thanks for the heads up on the youtube channel Gareth!
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              Sorry to bump this, but it didn't seem to warrant its own thread (I don't see others like it).

              BBRef now has full KBO batting/pitching stats running back to 1999, yay!

              Best site ever
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                Info about if you search

                When Hank Aaron came to Korea -

                When 'mercenaries' first invaded the KBO -

                Korea to get dose of 'Moneyball -

                그것을 시도하면 좋아할 것입니다!

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                  Originally posted by NewEnglandAmazins View Post
                  Excerpt from a Korea Times article...

                  Read the whole article here:
                  Despite the lack of an English site for KBO, all of the individual teams websites have English versions. I wish they would do more integration of the two. I would like to see player names in both hangul and English on the same page so I can use it for help with translating the baseball card set checklists I'm compiling. Having to switch back and forth between sites is annoying, though NPB and CPBL are the same way. You never get both languages on the same screen at the same time.
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