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Website for League in China?

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  • Website for League in China?

    I'm looking for a website for the league in China - not Taiwan. The old site went down and hasn't been brought back up so I wondered if anyone has found anything else. Perhaps someone with a little knowledge of Chinese?

    The old site was

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I would also like to get some information on Chinese baseball. I was a Chinese-Mandarin linguist in the Army, and have a buddy over there right now. I will send him an email to see what he can find out. While studying Chinese at DLI I only found a bit of basic information on their pro baseball. Something like they play 80 or so games and only on weekends? Does that sound right? Of course that was 7 or more years ago. I will post what my buddy in Beijing finds out.
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      I didn't find any web site about CBL since early 2012. There were no CBL leage playing last year. The only web site I found is the official China baseball association web site

      update for this site are slow, there no WBC update about Team China at all!


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