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    Originally posted by dominik View Post
    Anyone heard of this guy? he seems to be babe ruth.

    seriously, he is a just turned 20 year old pitcher that has thrown 101 MPH but he also is a very good hitter and played the OF on non pitching days.

    in his second NBP season he pitched 153 innings for a 2.6 ERA (10 Ks per 9) but he also had an .842 OPS with 10 HRs in 230 PAs.

    he will have to Play several more seasons in the NBP before he becomes eligible but he already seems like the biggest Talent ever coming from Japan. the question is whether he will become a pitcher or an OFer because he seems to be very good at both. he also has a big Body for a japanese at 6"3 190 Pounds.

    Well done!!!

    I'm not a fan of positional adjustments for WAR, but since a hitting pitcher is super incredible should Otani get a bazillion adjustment points for what he's doing?

    Otani is so good that it appears nobody even with their wildest dreams and predictions saw him being this good at both things.
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      Originally posted by DaClyde View Post
      Regardless of whether he can both hit and pitch, no MLB team would have him doing both. So whichever skill he settles into will be the one that really determines his talent level. In that case, he will either be compared to Darvish/Tanaka or Ichiro/Matsui (either Hideki or Kazuo). So far, he's not at either level yet.
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