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1974 European Cup

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  • 1974 European Cup

    Who won the 1974 final of the European Cup? Depending which website you read Haarlem Nicols beat Nettuno or Nettuno beat Haarlem Nicols. I do know the final was three games and the official scores (written exactly like this) were as follows:

    Nettuno 2-3 Haarlem Nicols
    Haarlem Nicols 5-4 Nettuno
    Nettuno 6-0 Haarlem Nicols

    So,why would a third game be needed if Haarlem won the first two games?

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    Maybe someone at the CEB could help? Nettuno still exists as a franchise - you could try emailing them but I don't know how good their English is.


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      Did you find this document ?
      It seems that this is taken from an official CEB (at that time called CEBA) bulletin, written by the Secretary Roger Panaye.
      In the Honkbalgids 2000 from Marco Stoovelaar, Nicols is credited as the winner.
      But Josh Chetwynd in his book Baseball in Europe names Nettuno.
      You should ask Josh for the source if his list of winners.

      Harry Wedemeijer


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        Yes, I have seen that issue of the Mercury.

        It would seem to me that the scores of the final were printed in reverse. So the 6-0 Nettuno win was the first game of the series, not the last game. That is the only way I can see how Haarlem would have won the Cup.

        It's just too bad the old CEB website archives have now disappeared.

        Marco Stoovelaar must have changed his mind over the years........
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          The old website of the CEB is still available:
          Harry Wedemeijer


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            The pages of tournaments before 1990 are "under construction".

            Edit: Oh no, it seems has removed it's archives section.
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              Three years later an article is published about these games, the story being told by one of the players on the Haarlem Nicols team: Ton de Jager.
              The first two games were won by Haarlem Nicols. The third game was irrelevant, but still played.

              Harry Wedemeijer


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