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  • Originally posted by Unit312J View Post
    I love your guys optimistic outlooks for this tournament. I hope you guys are correct and it continues to grow in the way you guys hope. Just remember, WBSC has control over international tournaments. WBC is put on with their permission. WBSC is focused on 2 things...Olympics and Premier 12. I have not heard any discuss at all regarding the next Classic. And I would expect next to nothing until after the Olympics, or at least after the Olympic field is set in March 2020 with the qualifier in Phoenix. That means all your qualifying tournaments will most likely be in October or November of 2020 if that helps your planning thoughts.

    If the tournament is held at all..
    Unfortunately, I cannot look back into the 2017 WBC thread, but I believe you have been this pessimistic since before the last WBC. I am not sure if you are basing this assumption on your conversations with WBSC brass. What benefit would they reap from not granting permission for another WBC? Especially now that the Parisian LOC has kept baseball out of the 2024 Olympics. The WBC generates revenues to promote the sport around the world and supposedly the WBSC receives some financial support from MLB. Why would they cut their nose off to spite their face?

    The WBSC President has a seat on the WBC Steering Committee, so it isn't like they [WBSC] don't have any representation. So once again, why are you so certain that the tournament may not exist any more? Granted, potential MLB labor strife may affect the next WBC, but this is a partnership and may be too valuable for both parties to lose. The NPB, KBO & their unions also have representation on the WBC Steering Committee. I remember some journalist asking Commissioner Manfred: if the 2017 WBC would be the last one and the question seemed to annoy him. So, it appears to me that some your friends at the WBSC are upset that the WBC has accomplished more in about 14 years than their 8 decades of effort or lack thereof. Despite these negative feelings, the WBSC gains so much more from the WBC than without it. MLB is the largest league in the world with the most resources and controlling approximately 8,000 players. They also have a major influence in the Latin American leagues, so why would the WBSC risk losing money, player access and many other resources? I believe that the WBC will remain in existence until MLB & the MLBPA decide that it is no longer worth the investment.

    Manfred said that to continue that growth in the future, he would like to see further expansion in the qualifying rounds for the tournament, with more countries becoming interested in playing in the Classic.


    • Just weighing in on a few points. While any programme for WBC expansion is being optimistic, its continued existence is not. We had a member of staff in the press conference where Rob Manfred said himself that there would be another edition of the WBC. That was then repeated widely by all press in the room. Moreover, if anyone was going to back out of the WBC, it would be MLB and not WBSC as it is far more beneficial for the WBSC, which operates with a far smaller budget and has a priority of development, not profit. So long as MLB is in, the WBC will continue to happen, as Southwest has pointed out.

      It is only natural with the Premier 12 and then the Olympics (plus the unsuccessful, but not inconsequential efforts to get baseball into the 2024 games) that the WBC would not have had as much press. This is only natural and similar to football, where national federations are focussed on continental championships (e.g. Euros) and not the World Cup yet.


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