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Pirates being a leader in global baseball?

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  • Pirates being a leader in global baseball?

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    There has already been several players from Europe to make it to the Majors this century. The Netherlands has produced Rick Van Den Hurk, Greg Halman, & Didi Gregarious. Italy has sent Alex Lidi. German players include Donald Lutz and Max Kepler! You could technically add all the players from the Netherlands Antilles because many of them played in Europe, however, I don't see it making much of an impact.

    Box scores from the few European leagues that post attendance figures at games are dismal! The highest attendance at a Division de Honor (Spanish) league game is 280! The Italian league, which is one of the leagues in Europe with the most tradition has only one game with over 1,000 fans attending and most games average in the low 100's. Most leagues don't even report attendance figures! Somebody posted on Mister Baseball that there are fewer Baseball Events across Europe probably because of the lack of interest. Sure a few MLB developed players make it far in the farm system and some do make it to MLB but what is happening at the grass roots level. Are more kids participating in Baseball across the continent? These are the future fans and the next generation of players and I think this is where Baseball should make a better effort on focusing!


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