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Why is OBP calculated the way it is?

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    Thinking about this a little more, those of you who claim that everything should be included, like ROEs, and such, would then have to logically conclude that the hits in which the batter is thrown out attempting to stretch should be excluded from OBP. Oddly enough, it would make sense though for the batter to be credited with the SLG value of the last bast he successfully reached on that hit.

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      You could define OBP as "reaching first base safely without a force out".

      If you want to define it as "ending on a base or scoring without a force out", that's ok too. This would include plays like getting a walk, and trying to "stretch" it to 2B, etc.

      As long as you are consistent in your definition, all you have to remember is what it is you are trying to accomplish.

      The current MLB definition, "reaching first base on a hit, walk, hit batter per plate appearance other than sacrifice bunts" is not a definition that I particularly appreciate, for reasons alreads noted.
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        There should really be 2 different formulas used together to determine how good a player is at getting on base. You would have to use a raw data formula, basically times on base/plate appearences, and an analytical formula that took into account the why of each situation. Does an intentional walk after a steal to keep a double play in order really make a player better at getting on-base? At the same time, certain players, like Bonds, are intentionally walked because they are good at getting on base. Using raw data would determine how often a player reaches base, but the analytical aspect is needed to determine how good a player is at getting on base.
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