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How do I assess Urshela's defense?

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  • How do I assess Urshela's defense?

    I am a Yankee fan and I love Gio Urshela, but his defense seems overrated to me. He makes quite a few errors and his fielding percentage is very low for an every-day third baseman. Baseball Reference says that his dwar is -0.2. He is a below average defender according to them. Now, I do not actually buy that he is a below average defensive third baseman but he is not as great a defender as I first thought. I watch the games and I think that he is a good not great defensive third baseman. I am not a stats-guy but I need some stats to look at to defend my opinion that he is actually good at his position when several stats say that he is not. Is Urhsela's issue that he cannot play any position but third and when he is used liek a shortstop in a shift situation, that is where he tends to make errors? Or is he mroe potentially versatile than I am seeing? Defenive metrics drive me up the wall, but I do want to be able to objectively assess my favorite Yankee position player.

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    Defensive Stats all say he is about average. Compared to andujar he is very good with the glove though
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