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  • opens 2018 and 2019 archives, here's a useful tool

    Are you a baseball fan suffering from withdrawal as the season looks less and less promising due to the shutdown?

    Well, thanks to the great MLB.TV subscription service, we can travel back in time to the 2018 and 2019 seasons. To help others find some good games to watch, I am providing my personal baseball statistics program that runs on windows 10 and which works in combination with mlb database files from:

    The information used here was obtained free of charge from and is copyrighted by Retrosheet.
    Interested parties may contact Retrosheet at 20 Sunset Rd., Newark, DE 19711.

    My program, can help one to find a particular player's best games of a season and then tune in with and watch. It computes a statistic similar to OPS, called the productivity. It can work in several modes, but for this case, one would use it on a single player at a time using it's player lookup feature (with verbose selected).

    Here is a sample output for 2 games of Mike Trout including a great 5 for 5 performance against the Yanks back in May of 2018:

    NYA 2018 05/25 0 |1|                 W prod= |1| rbis= | |
    NYA 2018 05/25 0 |3|                 W prod= |1| rbis= | |
    NYA 2018 05/25 0 |5|            HR/9/F prod= |4| rbis= |1|
    NYA 2018 05/25 0 |8|              43/G prod= | | rbis= | |
    NYA 2018 05/26 0 |1|         D7/L+.1-H prod= |5| rbis= |1|
    NYA 2018 05/26 0 |3|          D9/L.1-3 prod= |4| rbis= | |
    NYA 2018 05/26 0 |4|       HR/78/F.3-H prod= |5| rbis= |2|
    NYA 2018 05/26 0 |6| D8/L+.2-H(UR);1-3 prod= |6| rbis= |1|
    NYA 2018 05/26 0 |7|              S6/G prod= |1| rbis= | |
    Each line is an at bat. From left is the date, game# (if dbl hdr) and |inning|. In the center is the retrosheet database record, then the productivity score and rbi's. To understand the prod stat one can read the pdf file that comes with the zip archive, but that's unnecessary, just notice that larger numbers mean more runners advanced on the play. The database record format is described at retrosheet.

    My program and a description can be found here:

    To download, wait till the download button appears at the dropbox site - to get the entire zip, rather than 1 file at a time. To use the program, one first goes to the above retrosheet database site and downloads the 2018 and 2019 seasons. These are in zip files, and One would create a new empty directory and unzip these creating folders, as shown below. And then into the same folder, unzip the above file. One would then have in one folder,

    Mode   LastWriteTime      Length   Name
    ----   -------------      ------   ----
    d----- 3/26/2020 11:46 AM          2018eve
    d----- 3/26/2020  8:53 AM          2019eve
    -a---- 3/26/2020  9:49 AM 4289     baseball.txt
    -a---- 8/5/2019  11:56 AM 705217   baseballpdf.pdf
    -a---- 3/26/2020  9:49 AM 8301292
    -a---- 3/26/2020  9:24 AM 10459946 prodave.exe
    -a---- 8/21/2019 10:33 AM 765      readme.txt
    Run the program prodave.exe by double clicking. It will create 2 windows, a small window with buttons as seen below, and a console window for output. While it does lots more, to see the output for a particular player, one would just type their name into the player lookup text entry just to the right of the debug button (it searches as you type, enter enough to find only 1 unique player and then type <enter>).

    | [ 4] [GO] [Kill all] [gather all] sort [pave]|
    | [debug]     [ player lookup ]    [x] Verbose |
    | [2108 ]                          [players #] |
    I'm not aware of anyone downloading my program (it has been mentioned elsewhere) and so I have no feedback on how a download and install go for others. Please comment here with any problems and I will try to help

    Keep safe and enjoy some great baseball games.

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