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Any other annoyed Play Index / Stathead subscribers out there?

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  • Any other annoyed Play Index / Stathead subscribers out there?

    So I have been a loyal subscriber for several years to Baseball-Reference's Play Index (now under the Stathead name). My account just came up for renewal and they have increased the annual subscription by 122% (from $36 to $80)!!!

    I emailed support to see if there's anything they can do for a loyal subscriber and they basically said tough noogies. It's sad because it really is a great product, and I totally understand the need to increase fees from time to time, but to more than double the cost overnight seems a bit extreme.

    I'm not planning to renew at this time but we'll see how long that lasts, lol...
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    I'm not surprised at the price spike in and of itself, just the degree of it. Increased demand meaning more servers to handle traffic and all... I hope that PI loyalists like yourself press the issue en masse and that it is enough to affect positive change for subscribers.


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      Hopefully the additional revenue is put to good use, and the sites remain sustainable. Too many great sports sites start off with great content but don’t have a great plan to monetize it. So they get shuttered at some point.


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