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New Pitching Statistic - PTO%

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  • New Pitching Statistic - PTO%

    Stumbled upon this this morning. A bit confusing but I think I may have some real significant application.

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    Sounds good, but kinda luxurious. I can't see it becoming an indisposible and extremely important stat really.
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      Here's the stat in question.

      PTO% = (SO*3)+SH+SF+(AB-SO-H)/Total Pitches

      I'm not quite sure I see the application of it. An out is an out (more or less) and a pitch is a pitch. A much simpler metric for pitcher efficiency would just be outs/pitches or (IP*3)/pitches. I suspect that that would correlate better with any measyre of quality than PTO%.

      BTW, Studes at THT provided the following link in response to the posting at SaberScouting.

      In the article, David Gassko demonstrates that high-K picthers don't necessarily throw more pitches than their low-K counterparts.


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        It's interesting, but the trouble with it is that it assumes that a pitch that isn't one strike of three in a K or made contact on isn't a pitch to an out. Often in an at-bat, a pitch may be essential to retiring a batter even if it doesn't fit the formula.
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