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Has anyone here read "Baseball between the numbers"?

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  • Has anyone here read "Baseball between the numbers"?

    It's a new book by the writers of Baseball Prospectus. Just wondering if any of you have seen it, and can give me some feedback. Is it an interesting read? Worth spending money on?
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    1. Babe Ruth
    2. Barry Bonds
    3. Ty Cobb
    4. Ted Williams
    5. Willie Mays
    6. Alex Rodriguez
    7. Hank Aaron
    8. Honus Wagner
    9. Lou Gehrig
    10. Mickey Mantle

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    Yes, I'm in the process of reading it now. I'ts a collection of really insightful essays on the various elements of sabermetrics. I'm about 6 essays in and it's been one of the better books I've ever read. I find it a lot more entertaining than Moneyball (which I loved, by the way) when it comes to sabermetrics and their application.

    I'd say it's a must read if you enjoyed Moneyball, and even if you didn't, this might be the book to get you interested in sabermetrics


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      The majority of this article discusses the book. The author admits to being "quantitatively challenged:"

      Sample chapters:

      "What If Rickey Henderson Had Pete Incaviglia's Legs?

      Why Are Pitchers So Unpredictable?

      Is Joe Torre a Hall of Fame Manager?

      Was Billy Martin Crazy?


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        I'm reading it currently and I think it is quite good.


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          I`m kind of busy finding stats and I can`t afford books like that
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            Hey guys, I posted a review of the book on the thread I started in the Baseball Arts & Literature Board. Check it out.


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