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  • ERA+ for part of a career

    Is there anyone who knows how to get ERA+ for PART of a career, like pitchers when they were mostly relievers. e.g.
    Tom Gordon without 1990 & '94-97
    McDaniel without '57-58
    Righetti without '79-83
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    If I'm not mistaken ERA+ is a park adjusted stat...

    So you would need to get the ERA for each season, along with the IP for that season...

    Then you would need to get the League Average ERA and adjust it to account for the home park of the pitcher using PPFs and take that figure and use it and the pitcher's IP and put them together to find the number of earned runs we EXPECT the pitcher to have allowed in each season...sum up those expected earned runs and divide them by his actual ER allowed.


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      Luckily, most of that is done for you:

      the "*lgERA" is the park-adjusted league ERA. So, as Matt said, take this figure divide by 9 and multiply by the player's actual IP. That's an average pitcher's ER, given your pitcher's context.
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        Ah...I forgot that BR included the park adjusted league figure.

        There ya go RMB...if you want just the reliever aspect of a pitcher's career...just grab the season in which he was a reliever, calculate the expected ER allowed using the lgERA, and divide that figure by the player's ER


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          If you simply wish to ignore the park then one can use Lee Sinnins baseball encyclopedia. In which one can see a player based on only part of his career or can do searches for entire sets of players based on a wide array of subjects. For instance highest ERA+ for the 60's decade. Or the highest single season ERA+ with between 20 to 25 starts or over 1000 career strikeouts so on and so on.

          Or if one wants one can simply download the lahman database and it even contains the PF so one can do a total ERA+ instead of merely comparing ones ERA to league average.


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            For instance Righetti in the time-frame you asked for had a non park factored ERA+ of 114. I found that through Lee Sinnins encyclopedia. Using the Lahman database we find that he had a park adjusted ERA+ of 112.


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