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    During the Cardinals Sunday afternoon broadcast on this day, one of the broadcasters mentioned that Sunday papers used to publish the leagues' hitters and pitchers for each league and all their stats. The broadcaster mentioned how he missed this.

    It was an accurate comment. Sunday sports sections had about 500 players listed each week, give or take a dozen. The hitters would be listed by batting average and the pitchers by ERA. This meant that relievers might be left out of the list altogether and that midseason replacements/returning stars might not show up until late in the year.

    It was still terrific to mark it up each week with pens and highlighters. Flawed though the lists were, I never missed it.
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      I used to read them every Sunday what i was a kid .... I miss them too
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        I’m afraid something as plebian as baseball stats don’t rate as many column inches as Viagra ads and the like.
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          i miss 'em as well, abolishthedh.
          and, don't forget, team stats were on the same page on sundays as the player stats.
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