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Intentionally walking the #8 hitter with two outs?

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  • Intentionally walking the #8 hitter with two outs?

    In the third inning with two outs and a runner on 2nd base in yesterday's Giants game, the Giants intentionally walked Marlins #8 hitter Hayes (catcher). Why would they not pitch to him so that they could have the pitcher - instead of the lead off hitter - lead off the next inning?

    Top 3rd: Miami
    - O. Infante singled to shallow left
    - G. Stanton fouled out to first
    - G. Dobbs grounded out to second, O. Infante to second
    - B. Hayes intentionally walked
    - A. Sanchez grounded out to pitcher

    0 runs, 1 hits, 0 errors
    Miami 2, San Francisco 0
    Holding a pitcher accountable for how many runs his team scores is like holding the designated hitter accountable for how many runs his team allows.

    An individual statistic is meaningful only if it is based strictly on what the player does and not on what the other players on his team do.

    Contrary to what most baseball fans claim, a pitched ball which is hit into play is not a strike.

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    They are not worried about what will happen next inning. They are trying to give themselves the best possible chance of getting out of this inning without allowing a run.

    Especially with the way the Giants have been hitting the ball , and with the ballpark they play in, one more run allowed (making it 3-0 Marlins) would make it much more difficult for them to come back to tie the game at some point.
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