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Unique home field batting effects

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  • Unique home field batting effects

    George Brett and Wade Boggs both hit better at home during their careers. George Brett hit MUCH better in his first 6 years when he was a fast line drive hitter, but from '82 on he hit a little better on the road relatively speaking as he slowed down and hit more in the air. This is largely predicted by some estimates of Royals' stadium effects favoring line drive hitters with speed due to astroturf. Royals' players were coached to hit the ball hard and on a line or downward.

    Boggs hit better at home both in Boston and New York. He had the Green Monster in Boston.

    I have come to believe that hitting strategies do play a major effect when batters have better relative rates at home. I would like to know if anyone can acquire the following data:

    1) Was batting average on "ground balls" higher in Kansas City than overall in the majors particularly from 1974-1981.

    2) Was batting average on "fly balls" higher in Boston let's say from 1982-1988.

    Basically did Royals' stadium turn grounders into hits, and did Fenway turn fly balls into hits at higher than league rates.

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