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runner scoring from third

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  • runner scoring from third

    I am also interested in the following:

    With a runner on third, but not bases loaded, how likely is the runner to score on an average ground out? If he scores, is it a sacrifice in any case?

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    In 2011 a runner was on third 1472 times with less than 2 outs and bases were not loaded. The runner on 3rd scored 846 times on a groundout. If you take bunts out of the equation it is 798 times scoring in 1385 chances. The runner on third was thrown out 12 times while attempting to go home. Now then there were 212 GDP that ended the inning that didn't involve a play on the 3rd base runner so you could say on an average groundout with less than 2 outs and the bases not loaded no double play being turned the typical major league runner standing on third scored 798 times outs of 1173 chances for a 68% success rate.

    And no it is not counted as a SH unless the batter bunts the ball.


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