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Performance vs Production (Hit f/x style)

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  • Performance vs Production (Hit f/x style)

    Growing up when at the plate, I was taught by my Dad and other coaches to “find a way to get it done.” If a bloop single scored the run, then I succeeded. It wasn’t until I became a coach myself that my perspective changed (slightly). I began coaching five years ago and was introduced to the concept “Performance vs. Production.” Defined below:

    Performance – the execution of an action. In baseball, a hitter’s performance is the sum of all actions within his control. It’s how he performs.

    Production – something produced; output. That is, a hitter’s production is the outcome of his performance. It’s what he produces.

    The “Performance vs. Production” philosophy teaches us to focus on what we can control. A hitter who crushed a ball with a 100+ mph exit velocity at a +10 degree angle (from horizontal) may not get out of the box as the third baseman snares the line drive. In the old days, this scenario would have me believe that I did nothing but fail. However, I now realize how the 100+ mph hitter above actually performed at an extraordinarily high level, yet his production fell to some bad luck. When analyzing how a hitter performs, we must temporarily remove the outcome and focus on what the hitter can control. Fundamentally, three basic factors describe a hitter’s performance: the exit velocity off his bat, the launch angle, and the spray angle.

    he heat map below displays the outcome of that analysis. Red & yellow denote high wOBA (HRs & XBH’s); teal/green depict medium wOBA (think singles); blue represents poor wOBA (outs). Optimal hitting occurs approximately between 18-40 degrees in excess of 95 mph.

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    Originally posted by filihok View Post
    All of which pleads out loud [with a megaphone] for batter contact with the pitched ball, at whatever speed.


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      This is all wrong. The most important thing a ballplayer can have is The Will To Win™.

      Strikeouts are boring! Besides that, they're fascist. Throw some ground balls - it's more democratic.-Crash Davis


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