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  • Gibson's home parks were slightly higher than average run setting. I think the park factor averages out to about 102 which makes his home park about 104%. Suggests that he pitched worse at home anyway and certainly did not have a typical home advantage.

    There are some possibilities:

    1) He could have gone deeper into games at home. He actually did, with 7.42 innings per game at home and 7.30 on the road, though pitchers tend to get more IP at home anyway, but the point is, he was pitching in the 9th inning at home more than on the road.

    2) He could have been of a neurotype that tended to thrive on adranaline and needed the extra stress to get up optimally for games. There are a percentage of athletes that tend to do so.

    3) Park peculiarities? We might expect to see one or more stats that are abnormally skewed between home and road.

    The home to road difference mostly comes down to 2 stats. 1) His Babip at home was about 4% above his overall. 1) He had a few more unearned runs on the road on a percentage basis, so the home road difference comes together by about 2% when looking at total runs allowed. A lot of the BABIP difference seem to show up in doubles.


    • Originally posted by Sultan_1895-1948 View Post
      I can do any single year, or multiple years you like, of any player (we have splits for). Just let me know.
      Can we update this given that splits go back through 1904 now on Retrosheet and Baseball Ref?


      • I'm willing to help update here back through 1904 is Randy (Sultan) is gone. Send me a PM if so.

        Thanks everyone.


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