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    Does anyone have information (pics, history, etc.) on the 1969 - 1973 Clinton Pilots and Newark Co-Pilots?

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    1969 clinton pilots
    class-a midwest lg
    72-51 - second place 11 gb
    59,430 attendance
    mgrs - sibby sisti, karl kuehl, tom giordiano
    all-star team - gary holland 3b, francis kimball c.

    1969 newark co-pilots
    class-a new york-penn lg
    43-34 - third place 8.5 gb
    20,499 attendance
    mgr - earl torgeson


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      baseball with team signatures

      I am not a huge baseball fan. But as a kid my Dad got me a baseball signed by the team of the 1969 Newark Co-Piots. I did a google search and found your post. Do you know any team members? Are any famous? I did a search and found Earl Torgenson's name and some info on him. But was wondering about it when i uncovered the ball in a box in my storage.
      Any help would be cool.
      I am also going to post on this forum too and ask.


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        Chiming in very late here, so I don't know if anyone will check back, but, here goes. I have a little information on the two teams during that era. I attended a Clinton Pilots game in August of 1973, a 5 - 0 victory over the Quincy Cubs. Jim Leyland was the manager. Future Detroit Tiger shortstop, Mark Wagner was also on that team. The 1973 Newark Co-Pilots had Robin Yount in his only minor league season. I'll check back to see if I can provide more later as well.


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