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    I first met Izzy Bandrimmer in the mid 70's (1974 to be exact) when I went to work for the Orioles at Miami Stadium as ticket manager. Izzy was the first person I would meet every day when I reported for work, he manned the employee entrance gate. For the next seven seasons I believe he had a different story to tell me every day when I arrived, mostly about his playing days. Izzy was an old timer even when I knew him, but he could remember players, plays, games and towns from the 20's, 30's and 40's. He never made it to the majors, spending most of his playing career in the Southern Association. Several seasons were also spent playing with the House of David baseball club (and he didn't even have a beard, and never did, he said).

    Everybody knew Izzy, from employees to fans alike. Once the employee gate closed (everybody in) Izzy, and his buddy Little Bit (his three legged dog and constant companion) would be all over the stadium, helping and cheering on all the he met along the way. They may have been the original "Bark at the Park"

    Many, many times after closing the ticket windows and checking in the sellers and takers and filing my report I would go out into the stands to watch the rest of the game. More times than not, I would see Izzy surrounded by his "students" schooling one and all on the game he knew so well.

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