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I Envy the Pre-TV Era: Minor League Baseball

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  • I Envy the Pre-TV Era: Minor League Baseball

    Granted I had access to the Canton-Akron Indians as a kid/young man and that was and will always be the best $5.00 I can spend.

    But unless one lives in a big enough city you will probably not have access to Minor League baseball. You'll have to travel to get it.

    Minor League baseball is still easily the best Pro experience for the money.

    I live in Abilene, Tx and the year my wife and I moved here (1999) was the last year for the Abilene Prairie Dogs. They couldn't make ends meet because they (or the city) wouldn't build a stadium and they played at Abilene Christian's ballpark, who would not allow beer sales. I never knew until hearing my coworkers talk about this ad-nauseum that beer sales were so important. I guess they are.

    So I'm left longing for the day when even small towns of a few thousand could field a Minor League club and a town the size of Abilene (120,000)? It would be a no-brainer.

    It comes up every so often, and a group wanted to resurrect The Abilene Blue Sox, but funding and support keeps it from gaining steam. Grr!!!

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