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does anyone have opinions on the following players?

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  • does anyone have opinions on the following players?

    i'm in a fantasy league where we get a farm system and whatnot, and our minor league portion of the draft is currently underway. unfortunately, we're at the point where a lot of the good talent is already taken (old league, we have 2 farm system drafts each year, each team can protect 15 minor leaguers, 16 teams in the league). after having searched past the top 100's and top international and college talent, do any of you have positive opinions on the following:

    Alexia Amarista -- LAA
    Aaron Cunningham -- CWS
    James Simmons -- OAK
    Yohermyn Chavez -- TOR
    Yefri Carvajl -- SD
    Kyle Lotzkar --CIN

    also, at what point is it time to cut bait on former top 100 prospects? i still have a few guys hanging around that hit a wall, should i just cut bait with the following:

    Adam Bostick
    Jason Stokes
    Thomas Diamond
    Jay Rainville
    Javier Herrera

    thanks for any info/tips, i appreciate the help.

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    Diamond will be back this summer after recovering from TJ surgery.
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      Jason Stokes is an average player. I saw him play in Albuquerque (AAA) and I believe he's been on and off the DL. He's more of a relief/utility man. If he does play, it'll usually be at first base.


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        I think Lotzkar has the potential to be an everyday player sometime down the line.
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          "Adam Bostick"

          I have a friend who works in the Mets organization with the pitchers who likes to refer to Bostick as "The Enigma" because you have no idea how he'll perform. Rick Peterson, Mark Brewer, Ricky Bones; experienced pitching coahces all...but they've looked at this guy and scratched their heads. Bostick seems to be repeating his delivery, but has a two-fold problem.
          1) He can't hit the broad side of a barn if he was inside it and...
          2) His fastball velocity will fluctuate not only from game to game or even inning to inning, but pitch to pitch!

          Rick Peterson is CONVINCED that there's something wrong with Bostick's stride or follow-through. Mark Brewer thinks stride, I'm not sure about Bones. However, they think they can trace his velocity fluctations to an arm injury last season and pitching through said injury. It's his wildness that no one can seem to solve. While Bostick pitched very well for the Scottsdale Scorpions in the Arizona Fall League, he also walked the ballpark. But he's repeating his release point, he's repeating his arm slot, he's repeating his delivery; heck, he's repeating everything. While his year in New Orleans almost certainly won't be as nightmarish as it was in 2007, it also can't be predicted. If Bostick can ever control his fastball (a VERY "sneaky fast" 4-seamer) and curve, he'll dominate. If he can't...well, he'll join the likes of Jason Neighborgall, Eric Beattie, Jim Rittwage, Von McDaniel, Steve Dalkowski, and Dick Weik as guys with terrific stuff, but whose control problems vexed even the best pitching coaches that observed them.
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