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  • LA Pacific League Memories

    Every time I talk to buddies about watching LA and Hollywood PCL games on local TV I try to remember the names of two players. I always enjoyed their play and waited for them to go into their shtick. I don't recall whether they played for Hollywood or LA. However, here is what each did that has stuck in my memory.

    One was a catcher who when fed up with wild pitches went into the dugout for his gag oversized catchers mitt.
    The second was locally famous for his homerun trot. He slid into first, did cartwheels, and back flips. There was a fourth shtick, but I forget what it was.
    Who were they?

    Another great memory is of the game in which a front row fan lost two beers hit by foul balls - hit by the same hitter in the same at bat.

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    When you posted Pacific League, I first did not know what your were talking about. The PCl was refered to as the PCl or the "Coast League" and rarely the Pacific League.

    Check out these sites: there are sections about LA Awrigley and the Hollywood Stars.

    There is a book by Dick Beveridge about the old PCL, too.


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