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jose lima sings god bless america at tides' opener

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  • jose lima sings god bless america at tides' opener

    i know some of you are probably wondering what has happened to jose lima. well, he's in norfolk this season. it was in the morning that i heard a rumor buzzing around the office jose may sing during the seventh inning stretch. at first, i thought this was some sort of stunt. i know jose is a very eccentric guy, and has sang before at games, so i didn't know what to expect. anyways, i was impressed. he actually sounded decent. it's too bad that his solo (which received a loud ovation) was the high point of his evening as the durham bulls shelled him early and often, leaving him with his first loss of the season...

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    I'm just glad he's not pitching for the Royals!

    But it is neat to see what happened to him. Perhaps he might be pitching to my Toledo Mud Hens soon (and give them the same stuff he pitched in Durham)!


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