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    Having attended my first major league game in an old PCL stadium I was wondering if any of the old stadiums still stand. I always felt that the Giants made a mistake in not fixing up Seal's stadium, and playing there rather than build, and move to Candlestick Park which it seems will soon be torn down itself. If any one knows of an old PCL stadium still standing I would love to know about it.

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    Well, you can try on Baseball Fever in the Ballparks, Stadiums and Green Diamonds area. This post has links to the various discussions about all of the ballparks and cities that have been covered.

    This link will take you to the wikipedia entry for the PCL - you can follow the links to the various team pages, which should have information about the stadiums:

    Hope it helps.
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      The ballparks used for Pacific Coast League games prior to World War 2 are all gone. I believe the last one demolished was Sicks Stadium in 1979. It was the home of the Seattle Pilots for one year in 1969.


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