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  • Minor League No-Hitters

    A couple years ago I started researching minor league no-hitters using newspapers available on line from Google and the LOC Chronicling America, as well as Sporting Life and The Sporting News through Paper of Record.

    I started with a spreadsheet of the no-hitters listed in the 3rd edition of the Encyclopedia of Minor League Baseball. I got the spreadsheet from another SABR member, who had added some games that weren't listed in thr EoMiLB.

    To date, there have been more than 350 no-hitters not listed in the EoMiLB added to the spreadsheet. I've been sending new finds to Lloyd Johnson, one of the EoMiLB editors, so they can be added to the next edition, which is in progress.

    Anyone who wants to peruse the spreadsheet is welcome to do so. Here's the link:


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    Wow thats all I can really say. That is a massive amount of work and time you must have spent on this. Its pretty cool seeing the mix of prospects and nobodies who pulled it off, I guess the same could be said in the majors.
    Lets Go Yankees, Valley Cats, Dutchmen, UT Spartans and ECU Pirates.


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      I can only take credit for about 10% of the games listed. The rest were transcribed from the 3rd edition of the Encyclopedia of Minor League Baseball by another SABR member.

      The hunt continues though. I know there are a lot of undocumented games yet to be found. At least half the time when I'm searching through newspapers I find one.


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        A few months late, but I just want to thank you for this list. It's incredible!


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          Terrific resource, thank you.


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