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    I am new to the site and was hoping for some possible help. I am currently as Graduate Student hoping to get receive a MA in History, and preparing to write my thesis. I was hoping to to this on the Northeast Arkansas Baseball League. In searching the internet for the past month or so, I have found a fair amount of information and leads for me to begin my research, but I was curious if anybody on here had any knowing of this league. It existed primarily in the 1930`s and ended when WWII began, but actually started about 20 years earlier. While the league was a Class D league and in rural Arkansas, these teams had quite good attendance and was the beginnings of many future MLB players, including HOFer George Kell.

    A link to a pretty good summation of the league if that helps anybody on what Im talking about:

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    The Northeast Arkansas play several years and the years i have are from 1909-1911 and 1937-1941.


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