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Minor Leagues in Pre Draft Days

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  • Minor Leagues in Pre Draft Days

    Looking through I am suprised at how few minor league teams are afflilated with a major league team in the pre draft days. I was wondering how a player got signed to a contract by a baseball team and how did teams not afflilated with a major league team figure in to developing players for the major leagues?

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    My basic understanding of it was that there was still a hierarchy of leagues. A player would go to an open tryout or be invited to try out with a team at one level and if he made it and was then sucessful his contract would get bought by a team in another league higher up and so on until a big league team would buy his contract. The big league team could still loan him out to a minor league team if he was struggling at the big league level.
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      Thanks for the explanation. Looking through players jumped around to different teams and leagues quite a bit. There are some players that played for 4 different teams in a season and players who were traded from one team to a different team in the same league.


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