After several months of campaigning both for and against building a ballpark in the Port City, results are in, and voters overwhelmingly said no. Seventy percent of Wilmington voters decided against the city building a $37 million ballpark.

This was an interesting case study for anyone who cares.
El Paso Tx voters approved Prop 3 for a room occupancy tax increase to pay for a new AAA level field. They also approved other bonds as they are rebuilding their down town area.
Wilmington NC voters rejected,, overwhelmingly a PROPERTY tax increase to fund a single A ball park which the Atlanta Braves were going to use.
The plan was get voter approval for the stadium
The Braves then buy the Lynchburg Hillcats
After stadium was built - move them to Wilmington, and have Mandalay Baseball operate the club.

I was one of the voters who said "NO"
Not because I dislike baseball - far from it but to ask property owners to fund it turns this into socializing the cost to privatize the profits.
I wish that Mandalay the Braves or private investors could have come forward to lower the cost to taxpayers - but they didn't

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