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  • Drafted from Independent Leagues Question

    Wasn't sure which forum this would be appropriate for but I have four questions.

    First: Could a player in the independent leagues have his contract bought out mid-season by a ML team
    and put directly on their forty man roster?

    Second: If the answer to the above is yes, then - though I know it would be highly unlikely - could that player
    theoretically go straight to the Majors and bypass the Minors if he was some phenomenon that had been overlooked
    in normal channels?

    Third: If a player is drafted during one of the summer ML tryout camps, does that player go directly into the
    Minors, mid-season, or are they being drafted for the following year?

    Finally, another unlikely situation, but is there anything that prevents a ML team from signing a "walk on" tryout,
    say, up to the start of September when the roster is locked in?

    I'm writing a story partly based in the great world of baseball and could use any help on these questions.

    Thanks and everybody have a great day.

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    I cannot answer your question but there is an independent leaguer who was coached by a poster of this forum (hasn't been active the last months though- his name is tewks) who now plays AA ball for the twins. his name is chris collabello. this year was his first season and he did well driving in 98.

    still his chances to make the show are really small but still remarkable to make it straight to AA ball after not being drafted and playing indy ball till the late 20s.
    I now have my own non commercial blog about training for batspeed and power using my training experience in baseball and track and field.


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      First: Sure, if there's room on the roster for him.

      Second: Sure. There's no requirement for any player to play in the minors.

      Third: They can go directly to the minors. In fact that's a big reason for these tryouts happening, to fill out minor-league rosters after the drafted prospects have been assigned.

      Finally: Nope, if they have room on the roster and are willing to pay the major-league-minimum salary.


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        Pere and dominik, I thank you so much for all your generous help and support. I knew I struck gold when I found this site and look forward to being an active member.
        I'm a produced playwright, and an optioned screenwriter (much like an aspiring ballplayer in the independent leagues) and hope to beat the odds by spinning a yarn that sells
        to the big boys and draws more people into the game we love. Long Live Baseball (and all its diehard players and fans). Marc


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