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    Hello, BBF Members! For those of you looking for info on the Negro Leagues, I will be giving you great sources to learn about anything to do with the Negro Leagues. These are some of the best Negro League websites:

    Negro League Player's Association

    Black, maintained by the #1 Negro League expert, James Riley

    Negro League Museum Official Site's Negro League section:

    More Sites:

    I'll try to post a few more soon. Enjoy researching and learning about the Negro Leagues!
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    This is a nice website. The author makes a strong attempt to locate and verify biographical info about negro leaguers:


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      Ted Toles Jr

      Inducted into the Ebony Lifeline All Sport Hall of Fame, Ted Toles was
      honored in 1941 for his outstanding performance and leadership as a New Castle
      Indians baseball player.
      Theodore Toles graduated from Bracevill High School in 1943. His first stop
      after high school was playing for Charlie Caffle’s Warren GC’s.
      In 1946 he played for the Pittsburgh Crawfords of the Negro Leagues, often
      barnstorming with the Jackie Robinson All Stars on exhibition tours across the
      country. He played with ball players like Larry Doby and Warren native Bill
      White, who was an outstanding major league player. He was signed by the
      Cleveland Indians and spent time in their farm system, as well as in the
      Philadelphia Athletics System. He also was an outstanding boxer and track star.
      Today, he still shoots a mean game of pool! Ted is married to Jean and they are
      the proud parents of six sons; Theodore III, Nelson, Leslie, Robert, Walter and
      Larry, and one daughter; Evelyn.

      The road he paved for others to follow is an important part of Negro Sport’s
      History. The racial slurs shouted at him, the filthy run-down rooms he stayed in
      because hotels didn’t allow blacks as guests and the meager paychecks were
      important moments that can’t be forgotten. Toles has been able to overcome the
      racial injustice he experienced throughout his career by never straying from his
      father’s advice... “Don’t let any white man think he’s better than you”.


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        Buck O'Neill interview about Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier

        Thanks for listing the websites!

        To whoever may be interested, there is an audio interview at of Buck O'Neill when he accepted an award for Jackie Robinson at Quakes Stadium (Epicenter) in 1995. He was a joy to interview and I think he gave a wonderful interview.


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 has begun a preliminary index of negro league stadiums based on what we have in our collection. It will be expanding rapidly over the next few months, but for now it is online and featuring a portion of what we know of. Again, things will increase rapidly over the course of the year, as we make corrections in our galleries.



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            ... and one of the things that we're going to be going by is a list we saw that BRMcKenna posted quite some time ago, along with some other notes on history that we find from other places. notes that Hinchliffe Stadium was used by the Cuban Stars for one season as a regular season home, I didn't notice that in BRMcKenna's list.

            (Watch for on the History Channel's Modern Marvels this March)


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