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    Does anyone have a list of Harlem Globetrotter baseketbal players who played in the Negro leagues or in minor league baseball?

    Also, I have cross-referenced some names but can't confirm they are same people who played both basketball and baseball:

    William Barnes, Larry Bleach, George Brown, Walter Burch, Greene Farmer, Sammy Gee, Collins Jones, Ernest Jones, Othello Strong, William Watson and Sam Wheeler. Any ideas?

    Also, Bill Yancey played in the Negro Leagues and for the basketball Renaissance Five but is he also the same William Yancey that played basketball for the Globetrooters?

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    I can't help you with that list, but I'll add one - Goose Tatum. He was the Indianapolis Clowns' starting 1B from 1946-1948 and the starting 1B for the Cincinnati Ethiopian Clowns in 1943; he very well may have played other seasons. From the very limited stats I can find, he appears to have hit for a good average. I doubt he walked much, given his height.


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      Wasn't Jenkins a Globetrotter?


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        From what I remember, HoF pitcher Bob Gibson played briefly for the Globetrotters (about a week or so), then decided that wasn't for him.
        One "William Yancey" is listed on their all-time roster.
        Baseball, 1923-36, 1946--ss, mgr., Philadelphia Giants, Hilldale, Philadelphia Tigers, Lincoln Giants, Darby Daisies, New York Black Yankees, Brooklyn Eagles, Philadelphia Stars, New York Cubans, Bacharach Giants, Atlanta Black Crackers, Quaker Giants
        Basketball, 1929-37--g, New York Rens

        Note: The New York Rens were selected as a team to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 1963.
        ... and William J. "Bill" Yancey.
        I'm not sure what name he'd played under in the Negro Leagues, but if he's at least got the same first initial of his middle name, that could be worthy of mention.
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          Globetrotters who played in the Negro Leagues

          Joe Bankhead, Zack Clayton, Nat “sweetwater” Clifton, Piper Davis, Bill Dumpson, Sammy Gee, Ezelle King, Ziggy Marcell, George “sonny” Smith, Othello Strong, Ted Strong, Reece “goose” Tatum, Bill Watson, Sam “boom Boom” Wheeler, John “jumping Johnny” Wilson


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            My girlfriend's, Jennene Smith, father is George 'Sonny' Smith who played for both the Globies and in the Negro leagues. Mr. Smith is currently alive and kicking as he is 80 years young.


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              Originally posted by Gamingboy
              Wasn't Jenkins a Globetrotter?
              Ya he was.


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                The Globetrotters had a baseball team, and traveled the country playing exhibition games against local teams. On August 16, 1948, they played the second game of a softball double header against one of the best 16" softball teams in Chicago. They were almost perennial champs of the Windy City League. The game was played under the lights at Lane Tech High School on the North Side. The Chicago game is played bare-handed, but the Trotters wore thie gloves. It was hilarious, and everyone was having a great time. Until the PA announcer informed the crowd that Babe Ruth had died. Needless to say, it took all the fun out of the evening.



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                  Originally posted by ndamix
                  My girlfriend's, Jennene Smith, father is George 'Sonny' Smith who played for both the Globies and in the Negro leagues. Mr. Smith is currently alive and kicking as he is 80 years young.
                  Talk with him, ask some probing questions and get his story in print if it hasn't already been done. Give us a heads-up. This is important history. Thanks.


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