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John Donaldson 1925 film

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  • John Donaldson 1925 film

    This is amazing film footage of lefty John Donaldson.

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    That is awesome! Thanks much for this!

    I'm not sure if it's been posted before, but this was what followed that film in my YT line, and it's pretty good.

    Put it in the books.


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      That's awesome! Love to try and hit that. Feel bad for the guy in the box.


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        I learned about Donaldson recently because I saw his name on the Early Game Ballot for the Hall of Fame vote that will take place in early December. It's 2 amazing stories in 1 - 1) the story of John Donaldson's dominating career and 2) the fantastic tale of dedicated researcher who have resurrected this man and brought his long lost & forgotten staggering career to life.

        I join the researchers who have resurrected this all-time baseball great in hoping and praying that the voters enshrine this man into the hallowed halls of Cooperstown.

        Right alongside Gil Hodges.


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