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Errors - A Question that Will Never be Answered

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  • Errors - A Question that Will Never be Answered

    so how do we evaluate box scores and game accounts for negro league games? who calls something a hit or an error? local papers were extremely biased backed then when it came to controversial plays - weren't many negro league games scored by different newspapers - hence one game would be written up with multiple boxscores/game accounts

    with league seasons so short wouldn't a few hits/errors called one way or another make a big difference on someone's batting average?

    just a thought

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    ...but that's exactly part of the problem why we can't take all the data at face value. It gets posted now on the internet somewhere that Player A won the batting title in Year X with Z batting average and then it gets repeated and quoted on other sources so often that we start to regard it as fact. The tragic truth is that we will never truly know most of the stats. I know to a lot of stat-heads that seems inconceivable that things transpired on the diamond which we can't quantify, but it's true.


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