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  • Negro League players pictures

    I have found a few pictures of some negro league players like:

    Martin Dihigo

    I'll also add other Negro players

    I apologize in advance if you already have these pictures.

    Raleigh in Japan 1927

    Raleigh in his catching stance

    Philadelphia Stars, 1944

    Biz is third from the left 1927

    Pop Llyod with Buck O'neil

    Pop Llyod in Cuba

    Pop Llyod posing

    Pop is the player in the middle

    Louis Santop

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    Radcliffe and Taylore


    Cool Papa Bell

    Buck O'neil the first black coach

    Manager Phil Cavaretta (center) gives instruction to outfielder Bob Talbot (far left), Baker, Banks, and Bill Moisan (far right).

    Ernie Banks, Satchel Paige- 1953

    Bennett Park in 1909, shows Detroit Tiger George Mullin with "Li'l Rastus" and an unidentified Tiger player

    from left to right: (front row) unidentified, William Force, Orville Riggins, and unidentified; (middle row) Buck Hewitt, Pete Hill, Tenny Blount (owner), Jimmy Lyons, and Andy Cooper; (back row) Bill Holland, Edgar Wesley, Bruce Petway, Charlie Harper, Bill Gatewood, unidentified, and unidentified.

    1934 Kansas City Monarchs They are, from left to right, Newt Allen, T.J. Young, Turkey Stearnes, Eddie Dwight, Dink Mothell, and Wilber "Bullet" Rogan.
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      Joe Louis

      Shown here are Charles "Red" House (left) with Jackie Robinson (middle) and an unidentified player in 1947

      Photo of the 1913 Homestead Grays. Cumberland Posey is the third man from the left, on the second row. At this time he was the team's captain and the team manager.

      1944 Washington Homestead Grays:
      From L to Right: Jelly Jackson, Ray Battle, Edward Robinson, Sam Bankhead, Josh Gibson, Buck Leonard, Dave Hoskins, Jerry Benjamin, and Cool Papa Bell.

      Buck Leonard 1942

      Negro National League's Chicago American Giants baseball team players- 1911

      Negro National League's Chicago American Giants baseball player Jones- 1911

      Chicago Union Giants- 1905

      Johnson, Chicago Union Giants- 1905

      Lytle, Chicago Union Giants , pitching from the mound- 1905


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        Lytle, Chicago Union Giants- 1905

        Rose, Chicago Union Giants- 1905

        Gatewood, Leland Giants- 1909

        Payne, Leland Giants- 1909

        Detroit Stars' Norman "Turkey" Stearnes, shown here in 1971 with his grandson, Tony.

        Baseball players from Morris Brown College , Atlanta, Georgia- 1899, or 1900.

        three players with the New York Cubans and it includes Ray Dandridge in the center

        nine-member pose of the Memphis Red Sox with Willie Wells in the center

        two unidentified executives while including Willie Wells Jr. and Willie Wells Sr".

        Oliver Marcelle


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          Willie Wells

          New York Lincoln Giants, 1911 This team was managed by Sol White (center), and includes HOFer John Henry "Pop" Lloyd, (.475 average in 1911), Dick "Cannonball" Redding, Spot Poles, Louis Santop, Grant "Home Run" Johnson, and Dan McClellan (who threw the first perfect game in black baseball history for the 1903 Cuban X Giants)

          Josh Gibson

          Quincy Trouppe

          1887 Cuban Giants

          Bud Fowler maybe the first african baseball player in 1878


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            As usual, awesome pics! Thank you George.
            "I became a good pitcher when I stopped trying to make them miss the ball and started trying to make them hit it." - Sandy Koufax.

            "My name is Yasiel Puig. I am from Cuba. I am 21 years old. Thank you."


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              Thanks for the compliment.

              Here's a few more that I'd like to post.

              Josh Gibson coming home after hitting a home run(love this picture)

              Josh Gibson in his catching stance

              Josh Gibson at the plate

              Josh Gibson holding a big bat, and a few luggage

              Gibson second from the left

              Josh Gibson with Cool"Papa"Bell

              Josh Gibson first of the left

              Well that's it for now, hopefully you guys enjoy them.


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                Thanks for the pictures of Josh Gibson.

                "... at the plate" picture is the one you usually see. It's great seeing the others.


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                  From The Negro Leagues To Become Chicago Institutions

                  Hey, George H.

                  Do you have any photos of Ernie Banks (Kansas City Monarchs) and Minnie Minoso (New York Cubans) in their Negro Leagues uniforms? As I understand it, photos of Banks, as a Monarch, aren't that common, and photos of Minoso, with the NY Cubans, are extremely rare.

                  That's a nice selection of photos that you chose to share with us. Thanks!


                  P.S.: Is the photo of Quincy Trouppe from his brief time in the majors with Cleveland (1952) or from one of his Negro Leagues teams?
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                    Give me some time my friend, and I'll find you some pictures of players that you have requested. I'll do my best to find as many as I can. Should be up by Sunday night, depends how busy i'll be this weekend.


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                      Here's a few pictures of Minnie Minoso

                      Minnie on the right

                      Minnie running to home after a home run

                      Well that's all I could find at the moment in short notice, I apologize that there mostly small pictures, hopefully you'll like them.


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                        Originally posted by philliesfiend55 View Post
                        Do you have any photos of Ernie Banks (Kansas City Monarchs) and Minnie Minoso (New York Cubans) in their Negro Leagues uniforms?
                        FYI - these photos are coming from various internet sites. I appreciate him sharing them with us but we could also do our own research as well.


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                          Originally posted by George H Ruth View Post
                          Bud Fowler maybe the first african baseball player in 1878
                          There were numerous black ballclubs already in the 1860s.

                          Fowler 1878 is the earliest known black professional player, when he played three games for Lynn in the International Association, then the only league beside the National. I suspect he was a short-term hire or paid by the game.

                          He was ok by Lynn standards but poor by league standards, yielding 18 runs in 25 innings, presumably three complete games. He did get one win (1-2), thus the earliest known professional win by a black pitcher.

                          player Fowler 25 ip, 18 r, 6.48 RA(run average);
                          team Lynn 341 ip, 225 r, 5.94.
                          The other nine teams that played about 40 games were all much better, RA below 5, some below 3. Three of 13 teams played fewer games.
                          292 ip, 165 r, 5.09
                          234 ip, 206 r, 7.92
                          175 ip, 118 r, 6.07
                          So Fowler was effective approximately at the level of three teams that played short season and his own team, much the worst of ten full-season teams by runs allowed. In his pro career he did not pitch much He was mainly infielder and organizer.


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                            Rare Pix From Minoso's Negro Leagues Days Are much Appreciated!

                            The first three Minoso photos are great, especially the one of Minoso and his teammate. Last photo appears to be of Tony Oliva, however.

                            Any other Minoso Negro Leagues days photos available? Any photos of Banks with the Monarchs available?

                            Is the Quincy Trouppe photo from his Negro League days or is that one of him with the Cleveland Indians?

                            Thanks, George! Great work on short notice! I asked the official Negro Leagues website the same question a few years ago and they couldn' come up with any pix of Minoso as a Negro Leaguer, so your effort represented some real hard digging.


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                              East vs West Negro Leagues All star game

                              Ernie Banks in the Negro Leagues

                              Here's a bigger picture of Monoso that I already posted

                              Arthur Hamilton

                              Sam Jethroe

                              Butch McCord

                              Satchal Page

                              Jackie Robinson

                              Jim Zapp

                              Oscar Charleston
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