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    I'd like to say hello and thanks for letting me join your community. I'm an avid vintage baseball card collector. My baseball HOF Portrait collection can be found at the following URL - from Aaron to Yount!

    I need a little help from the experts identifying the park (Greenlee Field?), possible date (s), and players in the photo below. It's something I picked up last year and I love it.

    I'm pretty sure the guy in the ondeck circle is Oscar Charleston. It sure looks like him. Could the batter, who just popped up, be Josh Gibson? Or, Jud "Boojum" Wilson? Here's a photo - any help would be greatly appreciated.

    and stamp on reverse...

    Thank you in advance.

    Mark Tylicki
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    Boojum was a lefty. Doesn't look an awful lot like Josh to me, not big enough. I also know that Josh wore #20 at some point with the Grays, but I'm not sure if that was his only number.
    As for the on deck batter, I could see it being Charleston...but, I also see some resemblance to Smokey Joe Williams, although the guy in the photo might not be tall enough.

    Great photo...action shots from the Negro Leagues are very rare. I hope that a real expert can help you more here!
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