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    So, what did everyone think of the 2nd annual Civil Rights Game in Memphis last night? The Mets bet the White Sox, 3-2. The crowd was pretty thin. I think the weather was a bit of a deterrent this year. I think the choice of teams also made it a little hard to draw in big numbers since the game is in Memphis. I didn't fully agree with last year's choice of the St Louis Cardinals was questionable (since they integrated so late) but they were a good choice for drawing fans since the ballpark is home to their Triple A team.

    I would like to see MLB stick with the game and do more to promote it. I think it is a great opportunity to bring the history of the civil rights movement, the history of integration in the majors and the history of the Negro Leagues all together. I like how they have the players tour the civil rights museum prior to the game also.

    One big thing change though is that I would have someone sinng "Lift Every Voice and Sing" at the beginning of the game. If MLB wants to reach out to the African-American community, I think the least they could do is include the "black" national anthem.

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