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  • Help, please, with player ID

    I had posted this in the Brooklyn section earlier, but perhaps his is the proper forum. I am trying to identify a former Negro League player who is in a photo with some major leaguers.

    I believe the photo had been posted here many moons ago, but is no longer available in the archives. There is Newcombe far left, Campy next, then Doby (I think) and XXX. Anybody able to identify the Jacksonville player? (Hoping the photo shows). The team is the Jacksonville Eagles, a one time member of the Negro Southern League and a barnstorming team which often provided the opposition for major league barnstorming teams in the fall.

    Thanks, jdm


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    I think this is Willie "Curly" Williams.


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      Help pls with player ID

      I thought about Curly Williams, but this guy looks a bit bigger than Curly would have at the time (5'10" or 5'11" approx 175). I was thinking it might be Jim Williams the playing manager (who was listed at 6'1", 210 or so), but he seems to look bigger than Newk who was 6'4". Wish I had a date on the photo (I am guessing it is between 1947 and 1955).


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        not to be a smart alleck but Newk and Campy both weren't with the Brooklyn Dodgers until 1949. So I'm guessing it was spring of 1950 to 1955.


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          Originally posted by disgrig View Post
          not to be a smart alleck but Newk and Campy both weren't with the Brooklyn Dodgers until 1949. So I'm guessing it was spring of 1950 to 1955.
          Were they with the Dodgers before 1949 in spring training?


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            Help pls with player ID

            You are probably correct on the dates, although both Newk and Campy were in the Dodger system by 1947. I do not recall if either attended Spring Training in 1947 with Robinson. Thanks for your interest. This one is proving difficult.


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              This could possibly be Horace Garner who played with the Jacksonville Braves 1953-1955 and was Hank Aaron's teammate in Jacksonville in 1953. I'm pretty sure that is him in that picture the more I think of it because I've seen this picture before with him identified in the photo.
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                Looking closely at the uniform, I think he's a Jacksonville Eagle (a touring team of the 1950s). Notice what I think is an eagle on his left shoulder. A name which has come up is Jim Williams, a former Negro League player who managed the Eagles and who may have been the owner or a part-owner. Anybody else with any ideas?
                Thanks, jdm


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                  Could it be Ted Toles?

                  He was a Newark and Jacksonville Eagle.
                  6'0" 185 pounds. Outfielder and pitcher.
                  1947 Newark Eagles
                  1949 Jacksonville Eagles

                  In 1946 he played for the Pittsburgh Crawfords of the Negro Leagues, often
                  barnstorming with the Jackie Robinson All Stars on exhibition tours across the
                  country. He played with ball players like Larry Doby and Warren native Bill
                  White, who was an outstanding major league player. He was signed by the
                  Cleveland Indians and spent time in their farm system, as well as in the
                  Philadelphia Athletics System. He also was an outstanding boxer and track star.
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                    I have no talent or skill for this but the man in the photo does look like that image of Ted Toles.


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                      Finally ... it's Jim Williams, the playing manager of the Jacksonville Eagles who had a long Negro League career and finished up in the 1950s in Canada. A colleague found a pic of Williams in a newspaper of the early 50s and it's a match with this one.



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