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1915 Chicago American Giants ID help

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  • 1915 Chicago American Giants ID help

    I thought I'd turn to the experts for help in confirming some ID's. This image was taken in Portland on about April 1 or 2, 1915. The players are thought to be, left to right, Bill Gatewood; Hurley McNair; Dick Whitworth; Pete Hill; Bruce Petway; likely Harry Bauchman; Walter Ball; Fred Hutchinson; Pete Duncan; Louis Santop (behind Duncan); Rube Foster; Horace Jenkins; Frank Wickware; Bill Francis; likely Jesse Barber.

    These are the only players identified in box scores from around their April 1 rained out game in Portland (a March 23 box score includes pitcher Woodworth, who I assume is pitcher Whitworth; I find no record of a "Woodworth"). I haven't located an image of Bauchman, but the player on the far end resembles Jesse Barber and the other player with the "likely" notation doesn't, so I suspect the "likely" ID's are correct.

    I've auto-sharpened the image a bit because my scanner muddied it. Any thoughts on the ID's?
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    I am by no means an expert, but from what I can tell the ID's are correct. I can absolutley confirm Gatewood, McNair, Whitworth, Hill Petway, Ball, Santop, Foster and Francis. The others are also likely correct.

    I have never seen this picture before. Thanks for sharing it!


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      Thanks for those confirmations, I appreciate you posting about it.


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