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Home Park for the 1923-24 Santa Clara Leopardos

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  • Home Park for the 1923-24 Santa Clara Leopardos

    I have been working on a project and tournament that includes information about a Cuban team called the Santa Clara Leopardos. Many people believe that the 1923-24 team was the single greatest team in the history of the Cuban Winter Leagues. I have their home field as Trind Hermanos Park, but I saw something on Wikipedia saying they played in La Boulanger Park. I know Wikipedia is not the most reliable source of information, but I thought someone here may know something about this. Do you have any information about this team? You can get an idea of what I have already found out if you check my tournament project with this team. You can find that info in a couple of posts here:

    Thanks for any information that you can offer

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    I found the answer to my question about the Santa Clara Leopardos home field in the book "The Pride of Havana." It turns out that they did play in La Boulanger Park which was also know as Trind Hermanos Park for a while. I believe the Trind Hermanos Park name came from a tobacco company that was involved with the team. La Boulanger Park was small with a capacity of only about three-thousand people.


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