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  • Stars Park in St. Louis


    At a cost of $38,000, the ballpark opened on Sunday, July 9, 1922, with the Stars hosting the Indianapolis ABCs, a team that featured center fielder Oscar Charleston. Another future Hall of Famer, Charleston batted .444 for the St. Louis Giants — the forerunners to the Stars —during the summer of 1921. Many regard the lefthanded-swinging Charleston as the greatest ever to play in the Negro Leagues.

    The Stars were a dynastic club in Negro Leagues history. From 1925-30, they won three championships and they featured three iconic players — center fielder James “Cool Papa” Bell, shortstop Willie “Devil” Wells and first baseman George “Mule” Suttles. All would be inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

    Stars Team.jpg
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    Third base/LF Stars Park

    Third base/LF Stars Park
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      Centerfield and Right Field
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        Any info on outfield distances, dimensions or fence heights?


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          Nice to see a nice, thriving sporting center (Chaifetz Arena) where the old Stars Park was. You'd hate for it to be in a completely run-down area.
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            Originally posted by tommybaseball View Post
            Any info on outfield distances, dimensions or fence heights?
            Only estimates of course, based on where I think the original home plate was in relation to where it is today. I walked up and down the field extensively, but I didn't have a measuring tool with me.

            Left Field: 262
            Straightaway Left Field: 275
            Left Center: 300
            Center Field: 355
            Right Center: 480
            Straightaway Right Field: 387
            Right Field: 335
            Backstop: 75

            These were developed in partnership with Ballpark Expert Ron Selter, before I actually walked the field. I always thought the 260 ft or so might be an exaggeration of how close the Trolley Barn was, but now I would almost believe 250 ft to Left Field. And for RF, because there were a few rows of bleachers in RF, 335 might be a little too long for the foul line distance. The other distances I think are very close to reality.


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              Thank you for doing this. I have been wondering about it for sone time. And now we even have an exterior picture.


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