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    Originally posted by iPod
    ...Robin Williams... Danny Glover...
    robin williams still has a home in san francisco and is a giants fan.
    not as big a giants fan as niner fan, but a big fan.
    danny glover has had season tickets for a long time. section 109, aisle seats.
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      Originally posted by CubsHub
      OK OK OK

      Let me see if I can clear this one up..

      John Cusack is a Cubs fan. As is:
      The lead singer from Smashing Pumpkins (His name is Billy Corgan)


      Eddie Vedder (who is from the band Pearl Jam)

      3 cub fans listed there:
      John Cusack
      Billy Corgan
      Eddie Vedder
      mordeci, you either need a better audience or better material, and it's probably not your material.

      Does anyone here buy "playoff fans"? I remember when the Angels won the World Series, they showed John Travolta, among others, celebrating. Is he really a fan of this team? What about the kids on "That 70's Show" who were showed a lot during the 2001 W.S.?
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      Robin Bill Ernie JEDI


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        Originally posted by runningshoes53
        cusack, a few years back at a giants game to see the cubs, stood and raised his right fist for the entire time it took sammy to lap the bases and disappear into the dugout after slugging one out... all while holding his beer.
        that's being a fan.
        "you don't have to burn books to destroy a culture. just get people to stop reading them." -ray bradbury


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          did anyone say:
          Bill Murray - Chicago Cubs ???

          He has a son named: Homer Banks Murray.


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            Sorry if I missed someone naming these as well...

            Tom Selleck - Detroit Tigers
            Billy Crystal - New York Yankees


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              Few other I know about:

              Spike Lee - New York Yankees
              Dustin Hoffman - New York Yankees
              Adam Sandler - New York Yankees
              Donald Trump - New York Yankees
              Stephen King - Boston Red Sox
              Tom Hanks - Cleveland Indians


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                Are there any celebrties who are A's fans? Does Hammer still qualify as a celebrity?


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                  Wayne Gretzky: New York Yankees.

                  Or is he just a front runner?

                  Is Jane Fonda still a Braves fan???
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                    Viggo Mortensen: New York Mets


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                      Originally posted by ZbiSal
                      Few other I know about:
                      Tom Hanks - Cleveland Indians
                      ??? Then why is he always at Dodger Stadium with his son and both wearing Dodger gear? :noidea

                      Cary Grant was a big L.A. Dodger fan, in fact he had season tickets in the Club Level Boxes.

                      Jerry Lewis was also a Dodger fan after he and the club moved west around the same time.


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                        i can't believe no one has said Rob Schneider as a Giants fan. He spent half of spring training and did a segment on SportsCenter with the team or anything.
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                          Originally posted by CubsHub
                          But... is it a fan of the Long ball? Cubs? Sammy? or just the beer?!?!

                          Yes I think Cusack would be a true "fan"...
                          Cusack was trying to pass himself off as a White Sox fan last fall.He tried to ask Jerry Reinsdorf to give him free tickets to the World Series last year.Jerry denied Cusack free tix.

                          Brenie Mac is also a White Sox fan.But that has been questioned in recent yeatrs since he was in attendance for many of the Cubs' playoff games in '03.He also sang the 7th inning stretch in the infamous Game 6 against Florida.


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                            I think Art Garfunkle is a Phillies fan
                            Cubs: World Champs 2007?


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                              Eddie Vedder at a Reds game.
                              2016 World Series Champions


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                                Eddie Vedder at a Cubs game.
                                2016 World Series Champions


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