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Getting around "the curse"

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  • Getting around "the curse"

    OK, this is my first question for everyone. I did look through all of the previoud threads and haven't found this one, but it's been bugging me since Clemens won a World Series.

    Since 1918, what players have won a World Series with the Yankees _after_ having suited up for the Red Sox? I can only think of three very obvious ones. Anyone?

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    RE: Getting around "the curse"

    Babe Ruth
    Wally Schang
    Joe Dugan
    Everett Scott
    Elmer Smith
    Mike McNally
    Joe Bush
    SAm Jones
    Waite Hoyt
    Herb Pennock
    Carl Mays. . . and this is only looking at the 1923 New York Yankees.


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      RE: Getting around "the curse"

      Ben Paschal
      Wilcy Moore, who would do it in 1932.
      George Burns
      Red Ruffing
      Danny MacFayden
      Ivy Andrews in 38
      Bob Seeds
      Wes Ferrell
      Bobo Newsom, who oddly enough is mentioned in Rob Neyer's column today.
      Jack Kramer
      Jim McDonald
      Ray Scarborough
      Mickey McDermott
      Tex Clevenger
      Hal Brown. . . and that takes care of the teams through the 60's.


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        RE: Getting around "the curse"

        Sparky Lyle
        Wade Boggs
        Jeff Manto
        Roger Clemens
        I believe that is all of them.


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          Here is the total list I believe. 33 players in all

          Ivy	Andrews	
          Wade	Boggs	
          George	Burns	
          Joe	Bush	
          Jose	Canseco	
          Roger	Clemens	
          Tex	Clevenger	*
          Babe	Dahlgren	
          Joe	Dugan	
          Wes	Ferrell	*
          Fred	Heimach	*
          Waite	Hoyt	
          Roy	Johnson	
          Sam	Jones	
          Jack	Kramer	*
          Jim	Leyritz	
          Sparky	Lyle	
          Danny	MacFayden	*
          Carl	Mays	
          Mickey	McDermott	
          Jim	McDonald	
          Mike	McNally	*
          Wilcy	Moore	
          Bobo	Newsom	
          Ben	Paschal	
          Herb	Pennock	
          Red	Ruffing	
          Babe	Ruth	
          Ray	Scarborough	
          Wally	Schang	
          Everett	Scott	
          Bob	Seeds	
          Elmer	Smith	
          Mike	Stanton


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